Stress and Pain Management

In the past 20 years, hundreds of studies have demonstrated that a brief program of mindfulness meditation can not only reduce stress, but enhance your immune system, relieve anxiety and depression, improve memory and concentration, and even reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

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Mental Health Recovery

Mindfulness is offered in the NHS as a viable therapy for stress, anxiety, and depression. NHS quotes - Mark Williams professor of clinical psychology at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, says, "Studies have found that mindfulness programmes, where participants are taught mindfulness practices across a series of weeks, can bring about reductions in stress and improvements in mood."

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Relapse Prevention for Addictive Behaviours

Mindfulness is being offered in England and internationally as an effective complimentary therapy for relapse prevention for Addictive behaviours. Mindfulness programs offers patients: - Greater awareness of triggers and cravings in the recovery journey. - Tools to reduce and manage stress - Practices to build inner clarity to develop healthy choices.

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Mindfulness Meditation CD - 6 traditional Mindfulness practices to develop Mindfulness. Listen to track 6. (Daily Centering 4 min Breathing Space)

The CD has been created by David Behrens to support your Mindfulness Practice at home. There are 6 tracks each one integrating mindfulness into your daily life.
Track 1 - Body Scan
Track 2 - Mindfulness Standing
Track 3 - Mindfulness Eating Practice
Track 4 - Mindfulness Meditation of the Breath - part 1
Track 5 - Mindfulness Meditation of the Breath - part 2
Track 6 - Daily Centering Breathing Space.